$6 Closet Organizing

As I write this post I am watching it snow out my back kitchen window, this is my 14th snow day from school this winter.  It sure is beautiful but even this snow lover has spring on her mind.  So, out on my last Tuesday errands day (between storms) I stopped into our local Dollar Tree and they had all their colorful bins on display.  
I was happy to see they were offering a new color, robins egg blue.  Or at least that's  what I was calling it with visions of Martha Stewart in my head.  I bought a few, not knowing what I would do with them once I got home but I was excited with the possibilities.  There was a closet somewhere in my house that was calling my name.

We have a hard working linen closet that needed a little love.  Of course this is where we store our towels but also all of our little extras; soaps, shampoos, cotton balls, first aid, toothpaste etc.  with 6 of us in the house, this closet is the first to look like an explosion took place in it.  I used my Dollar Tree bins to house our less reached for items like our first aid kit and extra cotton balls and Q-Tips on the top shelf.  Extra shampoo, body wash and toothpaste on the remaining shelves.  The pull drawer container on the bottom was a long ago Target purchased that has been great to hold our travel toiletries and smaller extras.  
I used sweet little chalkboard clothes pins that I found in the Target $1 aisle to label each bin so items are easily found.  So in the end, I spent a total of $6!  A simple change that made a huge impact.  Not only did the bins add function, they added a splash of color that look great and made me happy.  During these long days of winter, never underestimate what a little color can do for your mood!  And, by the ways, this is the scene out my back window:

I guess its time to tell the kids they have another snow day.  I hope what ever is happening outside your back window makes you smile.  Stay WARM.

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Call your mom,
xoxo Mickey


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    1. Thanks Lindsey! I love the Dollar Tree. Sometimes a little change goes a long way! Thanks for following

    2. Thanks Lindsey! I love the Dollar Tree. Sometimes a little change goes a long way! Thanks for following

  2. So gorgeous post. I was surprised seeing how you organized all the closet so nice and elegantly. I like the most your colorful dolar bins as I was looking for a variety of bins for different uses like construction bins for waste. Seriously I feel better than before diving into your lovely home friendly post.