The Quiet Joy of Everyday Living

Hello Friends,
I am Mickey and welcome to My Bashful Life.  I am so happy that you have stumbled upon my little corner of the Internet.  This blog will be all about finding the joy in the little things in life whether it is a recipe that feeds the family, a well planned week or the perfect shade of pink lipstick.  Joy is all around us! 

 Joy is what makes life beautiful.  It is found in the quiet moments and in life's fullest celebrations.  Joy is what gives us hope in life's most challenging times and joy is our response to the blessings that surround us.  I believe that gratitude is our path to joy and happiness.  We all have struggles in life and I have found that in the most difficult times gratitude can help lead us to peace.

My Family

 I am a wife, my honey and I have been married forever and there is no one else I would want to go through this life with.  I am a mother of four almost grown children who are the source of much of the joy in my life.   

My oldest, we call him Bubbie, is a free spirit who married his sweetheart last year.  He loves books, old movies, coffee and music,  he and his honey share a 3000+ vinyl record collection. My sweet DIL is a coffee genius who designs and sews the most amazing 1940/50 inspired rockabilly dresses.  She is good and kind and takes very good care of my boy. 

Our middle son, our College Boy, is away at school most of the year.  He has such a good heart and wants to make this world a better place for everyone.   He is crazy smart but still is one of the funniest people I know.  He loves comic books and always has a great story to tell.   He wants to go to law school after college and is currently in DC working as an intern.

Our youngest son is known as the Boy Scout in our house.  He has been involved in scouting his whole life.  He has hiked the mountains in New Mexico and the trails of the Appalachians, he has canoed the rivers of northern Canada and sailed the seas in the Keys.  He became an Eagle Scout last year and his goal in life is environmental preservation as an agricultural engineer. He can make you laugh like no other and his patriotism runs deep.

Our daughter Boo, is our artist.  She drew the portraits above and can always be found with a sketch book and pencil in hand.  She plays the saxophone in the marching band and is a member of her schools Improv team.  She grew up in the world of Harry Potter and her love of reading has lead to a desire to be an English teacher one day.  She has taken off the rough edges of this house full of boys and is my very best friend!

Some of the Things that Bring Me Joy...
my CHILDREN (of course), my two "adopted" children that I claim as my own...PRESCHOOLERS...I get to teach 2 classes full of the most adorable 3 year olds everyday...GLITTER...did I mention the preschoolers?... hot tea...chi tea lattes...my iPhone...Pinterest...YouTube...music...cooking...Autumn...decorating...crafting...Baking...(I'm a total foodie)...blogs...ORGANIZING...(a bit of an organizing junkie actually)...PAPER CRAFTING...reading...LOUD music...SNOW DAYS...photography...Real Housewives of New Jersey...I know, I'm ashamed...chalkboards...BURLAP...the color ivory...HALLOWEEN...ice water...and BUMBLE BEES.



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  2. Hi Mickey! I found Your blog in Mom Bloggers Club and I love it! I am more spontaneous person and didn't have a habit to plan things, but now when I have to juggle between my family, work and blog it becomes necessary to plan my daily activities. I found Your blog very useful for less organized people like myself :) Thank You for advices and wish You all the best with Your wonderful blog!