Kitchen Cupboard & Drawer Organization: Quick, Cheap & Easy

I am back in the kitchen today with some quick, cheap and easy kitchen cupboard and drawer organization ideas using some of my very favorite inexpensive products.

Some very useful inexpensive organizing items are these dish pan containers from the Dollar Tree.  These pans are only $1.00 each and are great to use all throughout the house.  In my pantry cupboard I use 4 of these pans to store and separate my baking products, cake mixes, recipe packets and daily medicines.

I found the chalkboard removable decals at Michael's Craft Store.  Using an erasable chalk pen these decals can be changed easily when the contents of the pans change.

Mason jars are not just one of my favorite organizing items, they are one of favorite multi use items ever!  They too can be used all over the house to store so many things, but in the kitchen we use them for everything.  We use them as drinking glasses, to store left overs and in our pantry cupboard, we use them to store our different types of pasta, rice, bread crumbs and drink mix packets.  

These adorable chalkboard tags were found in the dollar spot at my favorite Target store.

Another great use of Mason jars is in your spice cabinet.  I love to cook and I cook everyday so I have a large collection of spices.  It was always so messy to have all those little jars stacked on top of each other in my cabinet.  I transferred all my spices into 2 different sizes of jam jars. The spices I used everyday I put into the large jars and all the others were stored in the smaller jars. 

The jars look so great all lined up and the cupboard looks neat and organized.  Each jar has a Ball Herb Shaker Cap that snaps open for use and snaps shut so should a jar fall over, it won't leave a mess.  These caps fit any regular mouthed mason jars.

We all probably have more kitchen gadgets then we could ever use so it's always a good idea to go through your collection and purge the ones that you never use.  When you can reduce what you have, not only will you be surprised at what you can do with out, but you will be able to keep what you have in a more organized way.  

I was able to create custom drawers for all those kitchen gadgets that I use most often.  These high quality utensil bins I purchased from the Dollar Tree.  Now everything has a home.

Even more importantly the family will know where everything belongs.

For more details be sure to watch the video:


There are so many ways to organize your kitchen using inexpensive storage solutions.  I hope you will leave me a comment below and tell me what's your favorite organizing tools in your kitchen.

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Fridge Organization Tips and Tricks

I am here today with a little refrigerator motivation for you.  I have some tips and tricks that can help you keep your refrigerator organized clean and bright.

Purge.  My number one best tip for keeping your fridge organized is to purge!  It's always the first step in any organization project and your fridge should be no different.  Toss all those items that you may have purchased for a certain recipe a month ago and haven't used since.  No spot will benefit more from this purge then the shelves on your fridge door. We all have been guilty of shoving way to much onto these shelves.  Making room for only those items that are used all the time will keep these areas looking neat and clean. It will be easier for everyone to return items to their proper place.

Contain.  Use containers in your fridge to hold like items together. Containers with handles are great for kids snacks such as individual cups of Jello, yogurt and applesauce.  These types of items can quickly make a refrigerator looked disorganized when they are stacked or placed at random. I  purchased these white containers from the Dollar Spot at Target for $3.00 each.

Other bins from The Container Store , hold our condiments, eggs and miscellaneous items.

Using a container to hold  meat products like beef, chicken or fish keeps your refrigerator clean and sanitized.  So often we bring home a package of chicken from the grocery store that begins to drip.  When you have a meat bin, all that mess is contained and it is much easier to pop the bin in the dishwasher then having to empty and sanitize the whole refrigerator shelf.

Bins can be used in the freezer as well to hold like items together.  

The bin above left is made to be used in the freezer and can be found at The Container Store.  The wire bin, on the right, was found at Walmart.

Easy To Maintain.  It's so great when you put a system in place to stay organized, but it is important that the system is easy to maintain and keep clean. One of the most inexpensive ways to brighten your fridge and keep it clean is by lining the shelves, veggie drawers, deli drawer and door shelves with plastic placemats.  

The placemats I used above were found at my favorite Target store for $1.99 a piece.  They are easily cut with household scissors and they really can brighten up your fridge!  If anything does spill, clean up only takes a minute.  

I share share more tips and tricks in the video below:

I hope you found some ideas that may help you organize your own refrigerator.  Leave me a comment below and let me know if you have any inventive ways to keep your fridge organized and clean.

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DIY Spring Wreath

One of the easiest ways to welcome the new season into your home is with a new front door wreath.  This is the time of year when all the designer catalogs start to arrive at the door full of beautiful and expensive home decor.   Usually the wreaths in these catalogs are well over a $100.  I don't know about you, but I sure could not afford to spend over $100 dollars on a new wreath so I make my own!  I use those beautiful designer catalogs to pick out an inspiration wreath to copy and then I visit my local Michael's Craft store to collect the materials I'll need.  It's easier then you may think to make a beautiful unique wreath for your front door.  Come along and I'll show you how I make mine.

Once the inspiration wreath is chosen, its time to hit the craft stores to collect the supplies needed to complete your project.  Of course you will need greenery and flowers, but there are 5 essential items that I always use when creating a wreath.

Of course you will need a wreath form, I like to use a wispy grapevine wreath.  These wreaths give much more space to work with than the tightly bound grapevine wreaths.  An adhesive such as E600 which is a transparent craft glue that is heat resistant.  Craft wire cutters, floral wire and felt pads.  

The first thing I do is turn the wreath over and glue on the felt pads.  Grapevine wreaths are pokey and can scratch your door, the felt pads protect your door from damage.

While the felt pads are drying, use the wire cutters to separate the branches of the greenery and flowers.  This way you will not have to stop to cut more supplies while you are assembling the wreath.

I start my wreath by filling in with the greenery.  I first place the cuttings between the twigs of the grapevine, making sure to keep each side balanced.  Once I am happy with the placement, I can go back and wire the vines in using the floral wire.

To secure the greenery in place, cut a few inches of floral wire.  Feed the wire through and under the wreath, bringing both edges of the wire together and tighten by twisting the wire a few times.  Be sure to place the wire between the leaves to keep it out of sight.  Snip off the ends of the wire and your greenery is secured and won't be blown the street!

Once all the greenery is in place, it's time to start on arranging the flowers.  In my inspiration picture the white flowers are arranged in a horseshoe shape that I will try to copy.

Continue to fill in the flowers until you are happy with the placement and then secure them with the floral wire in the same way we did the greenery.  Hang the wreath up on a door where you are able to get a good look at it.  You are looking to see if the wreath is balanced on both sides, there are no empty spots  and that the flowers are full and fluffed.

Your creation may not match the inspiration picture exactly, but your wreath is unique and was created by you for less then a quarter of it's designer price tag!  You really can't beat that!

For more information and tips watch my video below:

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