Friday, September 23, 2016

What's In My Teacher Bag

If it's September, that means its back to school time!  As a preschool teacher I carry so many things in and out of my classroom each day so the bag I carry plays a very important role in my everyday organizing life.  This year I think I may have found the perfect bags!  

I always need a bag with a bunch of pockets to hold all my everyday items, like my water cup, pencil case etc.  The Pocket Rocket bag by Scout is the bag I have been searching for!  There are 6 pockets all around the outside with a large zipper compartment on the inside.  

I share my classroom with another teacher that teaches in the afternoons so I have to carry my materials in and out of the classroom each day.  When I need a little extra space I turn to the Uptown Girl bag also from Scout.  I just love this combo of utility totes!

You can find these great bags on Amazon.  The Pocket Rocket bag can be found HERE and the Uptown Girl bag can be found HERE.  These bags can also be found at

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Bullet Journal: Journaling Unforgettable Days

An unforgettable day holds a special place in your heart and should hold a special spot in your bullet journal as well.  The thing I love the best about bullet journaling is that on any given day your journal can be a to-do list to get things done, your schedule for appointments to be met or your diary to record all those big and small moments of your life.  Whether good or bad these days are all unforgettable.

This past weekend was a big deal in our family, we packed up my son Patrick, loaded the car and we headed to Indiana where he will be attending law school.  We all drove out with him to help him move into his new apartment and get settled.  Now, this was a big adventure for us as we live in VA so the ride out to Indiana was 12 hours long! Although I would like nothing more then to forget about that drive, it was a big part of the adventure and I wanted to be sure to record it.   I may not be the best artist out there, but I do like to doodle in my journal and I thought this would be a great spot to add some artwork.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you sat in a car for most of the day. 

On the next 2 pages is where I recorded the bulk of our trip.  Moving in to Pat's apartment on August 5th and visiting the campus on August 6th to see where he will be spending the majority of his time.

To help me record these memories I used the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer.  I was able to take pictures with my cellphone and almost immediately be able to print the pictures out for my journal. The photos are printed out with an adhesive on the back like a sticker which makes them just perfect to use in your journal or life planner.  

I found my Polaroid Zip on Amazon during their Prime Days sale.  You can find it HERE.  This machine is great, it's very small and compact.  The Zip works from an app on your phone that allows you to print, make collages etc.

  It's so simple to use and is a wonderful addition to your planner supplies.

More details on journaling unforgettable days can be found on my YouTube channel:  

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Bullet Journal August Planner Setup - The Big Switch

I have been using an Erin Condren Life Planner for over 3 years.  I have always loved how colorful they are, the great quotes and their ease of use. Lately I have been trying to simplify my daily routines and I have felt the need to simplify my planner routine.  I love the different kind of creativity that a Bullet Journal provides.  I have to admit that sometimes I felt overwhelmed by all the stickers and layouts I felt I had to create in my EC Life Planner.  Bullet journaling is equally as beautiful but in a more artsy simple way.

If you are unfamiliar with bullet journaling, it is simply a customizable organizational planning system where you can track and record anything you wish.  It is your to do list, diary, calendar and life tracker all in one place.  There are no rules, you can create it however you wish. for my planner I chose a Leuchttrum Medium A5 size dot grid notebook that I purchased at Amazon HERE.  You can pick any notebook you wish.

These are beautiful notebooks.  I'll give you a little peek inside to see how I set my planner up for August.

 For more information on my planner, setup and the supplies I will be using be sure to watch my Planner Set-up video below:

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Dollar Tree Minute Organization / Linen Closet

Even the most organized space needs a refresh every now and then.  I this Minute Organization video, where we take an organized space in out home and give it an update for under $10 and in under an hour, we give our hard working linen closet a much needed update.  

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Friday, June 24, 2016

DIY Budget Party Decorations and Party Prep Tips

Everyone loves a party!  My favorite parties to give or attend are those celebrating someone special and their accomplishments. We are celebrating two graduations in our house this month, my son is graduating from college and my daughter is graduating from high school. I have taken some time away the last couple of weeks to fully appreciate, enjoy and celebrate my children and their hard earned success.  I have so much to share with you about some fun DIY projects I've done to decorate the party with a budget in mind and some party prep tips that can help you organized and prepare for your next party.  So make yourself a cup of coffee and sit back, this is a long post with many pictures and not one but two videos attached!

Part 1 DIY Party Decor - 
I love including photographs in my party decorating.  It allows you a peek into the honoree's life a bit and photos can so easily be adapted into so many budget friendly  DIY party decor ideas.  Since we were dealing with two different schools with two different sets of school colors, I opted to use my favorite colors and textures for the the party; chalkboard, burlap, twine and craft paper.

An easy way to work photos into your decor would be with a Photo Garland.

  So simple to make and they have such a big impact.   The only supplies needed are twine, mini clothes pins and a stack of pictures.  These photo garlands were in our dinning room where the buffet was laid out. One side of the room had photos of my daughter and the other side had photos of my son.  

Inspired by Pinterest, these photo jars were so fun and easy to put together that I ended up creating several to place throughout the party. I chose to use sand as my base for my jars but beads, rocks or colored sand can also be used.  Those mini clothespins came into play again attached to the photo it was easy to sink the pin into the sand to help the pic stand up.  Once closed the lid can be decorated however you want.  

I thought the jars looked great in the table centerpiece too.

Every graduation party needs a place to put cards and gifts.  This easy to make card box is also a great spot to add pictures of your special graduates.

I found this burlap covered lidded box at Hobby Lobby and I added some pictures to the inside of the lid.  I made a small "cards" banner and filled the bottom with burlap and a sprinkling of shredded paper.

I set the card box out on my china cabinet in the den along with pics of the kids and wallet sized graduation pictures for the guests to keep.

We also used our graduates pictures in our party invitation.  I am a bit old fashion, I think every good party begins with a formal snail mailed invitation.  There are so many online sites that allow you to upload some pictures and create an invitation perfect for your party.  I found a template on Snapfish that fit perfectly with our theme.

You can find more information about the DIY projects you see here by watching my YouTube video below:


Part 2 Party Prep -

I really enjoy prepping for a big party.  I start as far in advanced of the big day as possible, gathering ideas and recipes.  I keep everything organized in a party binder that I put together years ago.  Inside I keep details of the parties I've had in the past like menus, guest list etc. 

I keep all my working list in here from shopping list, timeline prep and even cleaning and organizing lists.  Especially with something like a graduation there is a lot of paper work to keep track of, cap/gown orders, announcement orders, graduation weekend schedules etc.  I always store any recipes that I will be making for a party in this binder as well.  It really is an invaluable tool to help me feel prepared.

I like to set out my dishes and platters, serving pieces and utensils on the buffet several days before the party.  It helps me visually see what I have and how its best organized on the table.  I also like to label every dish using a post it note with what will be put in every dish.  This helps me stay organized and also allows someone who is helping know where everything goes.

I wanted something special for our guest to sign with out being a formal guest book and Pinterest came through for me again.  We used the Dr. Seuss book "Oh The Places You'll Go"  for my daughter who will be going to school to be a Literature teacher.  Everyone wrote a little note to her with some special advise or just well wishes.  For my son, I had everyone sign a Jenga piece.  Everyone seem to enjoy the idea and we had so many laughs reading the messages.


We had stacks of announcements and invitations to send out and this envelope addressing stencil by The Lettermate was so helpful.  It is a stencil that you put over your envelopes that help you keep your lines straight.  If you are like me, I am good for about 10 envelopes and then my handwriting gets all wonky.  This little gadget was such a big help.  They can be found here and are under $10.  The Letterman website has such great ideas on fun and creative ways to address envelopes.

For more information on all these party prep ideas, please watch: 
Milestones, like graduations, are worth celebrating in a big way and so worth the time and effort put in.  I truly believe that these are the times of our lives that are remembered most.  If you have made it to the end of this post THANK YOU!  I have loved sharing our celebration with you.  I hope you will take a minute to subscribe to my channel on YouTube and to follow the blog.  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you are celebrating this month.  Until next time, I hope you love the life that you have and I will see you all next time.


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