Friday, December 2, 2016

Let's Play Catch Up!

In true blog fashion, I have fallen behind.  No one ever intends to get behind but it happens to the best of us.  So I wanted to get caught up today and post some of the things I have been working on when I should have been here! 

 I started a YouTube channel, My Bashful Life, a few months and I did a few videos to correspond with some blog posts to see how I liked it because I love watching YouTube myself and subscribe to several channels. I honestly enjoyed the whole process.  I loved filming, editing, creating thumbnails and uploading.   So the last few months I have been more intentional with creating and uploading videos.  I have new videos weekly on the same types of things I blog about here.  Family, life and organizing. The thing I loved the most about YouTube was the community, connecting with viewers and subscribers has been so fun.  It's wonderful to get to know so many people that I would have otherwise never had the opportunity to get to know. Community is the aspect of blogging that I love the most too.  

So my goal is to combine my blogging community and my YouTube community by posting each new video I create here on the blog.  It will be a better way to share information, provide links to helpful websites and maybe even a recipe or two.  To catch us all up and kick off the holidays,  I wanted to share some of the last few videos posted.  I am excited to begin my new blog/video schedule this month during the holidays.    

I hope you will all take a minute to visit me on YouTube and while you are there I hope you will take a minute to say Hello and Subscribe.  MY BASHFUL LIFE can be found HERE.  


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Thank you so much for spending a little of your busy day with me and be sure to say hello when you visit me on YouTube!

Love Your Life!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Just Add Water

While on my quest to find a chemical free way to keep my house clean, I was sent a product that claims to reduce the use of household chemicals by up to 90%!  I was looking for something that I could use for general cleaning without having to get out the big guns (chemicals) every time I needed to wipe down a counter.  All you need to use is water to clean just about any surface.

e-cloth has been proven to remove over 99% of bacteria from  hard surfaces, it doesn't kill the bacteria, it collects the bacteria from surfaces.  This microfiber cloth has 3.1 million fibers per inch, the best cloths on the market only have up to 200,000 fibers per inch.  These fibers make a huge difference.  I can't speak to the bacteria removal but I know a thing or two about cleaning and I really like the way this cleans and polishes.

The cloth that I received is the High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Cloth which retails for $7.99.  I used just water and the e-cloth cleaning cloth  to clean my kitchen cabinets.  The dust and finger prints were easily washed away but I was very impressed with the way this cloth cleaned the cabinets around my stove.  These are always the grimiest cabinet due to the spatter from the stove.  The e-cloth was able to cut through the grease and clean the grime away.  I was very happy with the results and so glad I was able to accomplish this usually messy job so easily using just water.

In the end I was very impressed with the e-cloth for this type of cleaning job.  To be honest, I don't think I would depend on the e-cloth to remove bacteria with out the help of an anti-bacterial cleaner when needed but for those general cleaning jobs around the house, this cloth can't be beat.  An added bonus is after tossing this cloth in the washer and dryer, I used it to clean my smudged eye glasses!

There are so many different cloths to choose from for many different jobs around the house.  Be sure to check out the e-cloth website at 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

What's In My Teacher Bag

If it's September, that means its back to school time!  As a preschool teacher I carry so many things in and out of my classroom each day so the bag I carry plays a very important role in my everyday organizing life.  This year I think I may have found the perfect bags!  

I always need a bag with a bunch of pockets to hold all my everyday items, like my water cup, pencil case etc.  The Pocket Rocket bag by Scout is the bag I have been searching for!  There are 6 pockets all around the outside with a large zipper compartment on the inside.  

I share my classroom with another teacher that teaches in the afternoons so I have to carry my materials in and out of the classroom each day.  When I need a little extra space I turn to the Uptown Girl bag also from Scout.  I just love this combo of utility totes!

You can find these great bags on Amazon.  The Pocket Rocket bag can be found HERE and the Uptown Girl bag can be found HERE.  These bags can also be found at

Thank you so much for visiting today and I hope you will take a minute to subscribe and leave me a comment to say HELLO!


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Monday, August 15, 2016

Bullet Journal: Journaling Unforgettable Days

An unforgettable day holds a special place in your heart and should hold a special spot in your bullet journal as well.  The thing I love the best about bullet journaling is that on any given day your journal can be a to-do list to get things done, your schedule for appointments to be met or your diary to record all those big and small moments of your life.  Whether good or bad these days are all unforgettable.

This past weekend was a big deal in our family, we packed up my son Patrick, loaded the car and we headed to Indiana where he will be attending law school.  We all drove out with him to help him move into his new apartment and get settled.  Now, this was a big adventure for us as we live in VA so the ride out to Indiana was 12 hours long! Although I would like nothing more then to forget about that drive, it was a big part of the adventure and I wanted to be sure to record it.   I may not be the best artist out there, but I do like to doodle in my journal and I thought this would be a great spot to add some artwork.  Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, especially when you sat in a car for most of the day. 

On the next 2 pages is where I recorded the bulk of our trip.  Moving in to Pat's apartment on August 5th and visiting the campus on August 6th to see where he will be spending the majority of his time.

To help me record these memories I used the Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer.  I was able to take pictures with my cellphone and almost immediately be able to print the pictures out for my journal. The photos are printed out with an adhesive on the back like a sticker which makes them just perfect to use in your journal or life planner.  

I found my Polaroid Zip on Amazon during their Prime Days sale.  You can find it HERE.  This machine is great, it's very small and compact.  The Zip works from an app on your phone that allows you to print, make collages etc.

  It's so simple to use and is a wonderful addition to your planner supplies.

More details on journaling unforgettable days can be found on my YouTube channel:  

I hope you have found some helpful ideas that you can use for your own bullet journal.  Please leave me a comment below and tell me how you record those special days in your planner.  Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss what's coming next!

Until next time I hope you love the life that you have and I will see you next time!

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Bullet Journal August Planner Setup - The Big Switch

I have been using an Erin Condren Life Planner for over 3 years.  I have always loved how colorful they are, the great quotes and their ease of use. Lately I have been trying to simplify my daily routines and I have felt the need to simplify my planner routine.  I love the different kind of creativity that a Bullet Journal provides.  I have to admit that sometimes I felt overwhelmed by all the stickers and layouts I felt I had to create in my EC Life Planner.  Bullet journaling is equally as beautiful but in a more artsy simple way.

If you are unfamiliar with bullet journaling, it is simply a customizable organizational planning system where you can track and record anything you wish.  It is your to do list, diary, calendar and life tracker all in one place.  There are no rules, you can create it however you wish. for my planner I chose a Leuchttrum Medium A5 size dot grid notebook that I purchased at Amazon HERE.  You can pick any notebook you wish.

These are beautiful notebooks.  I'll give you a little peek inside to see how I set my planner up for August.

 For more information on my planner, setup and the supplies I will be using be sure to watch my Planner Set-up video below:

Don't forget to subscribe, I will be doing a follow up flip through video at the end of August including my planner set up for September.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what type of planning you do to stay on track.  Until next time, I hope you love the life you have and I will see you in the next video!

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