Small Pantry Organization

In today's video we are doing some SMALL PANTRY ORGANIZING! Unless you are lucky enough to have one of those big beautiful pantries, you struggle with having enough space not only to store extra food supplies but also struggle to store small kitchen appliances. I have a very small kitchen so my pantry space is really limited. We have a very small designated pantry closet next to the refrigerator for our food storage and then we have another pantry cabinet on the other side of the kitchen. Today we re-organize both!

With new clear bins I am able to see exactly which is easier on the budget because I only buy what I really need.

Mason jars are one of my favorite organizing tools around the house.  They can be used to contain so many things, bathroom items, craft supplies and baking supplies!

There are even more details in the video below!

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Craft Room Organization With Dollar Tree and Target!

In today’s video we are re-organizing the craft room using some DOLLAR TREE & Target STORAGE SOLUTIONS and we are beginning a new SPRING FEVER SERIES all about getting our homes clean and organized for spring TOGETHER!

My CRAFT ROOM/OFFICE is a hard working space. This is where I am the most creative, where I work on DIY's and do projects with my kids.

Although I have a cube & bin system to hold all of my craft tools and supplies, I find that I still need to find storage solutions to keep it all sorted by project and to keep like items together.

Target and The Dollar Tree have always been my go to places to find budget friendly solutions to my storage needs, even if I need to think OUT of the box a bit!

This Dollar Tree dish rack can be used so many different ways! Organizing office supplies, files or, as I'm going to use it, to hold my vinyl for my Cricut Machine.

To see how I use more Dollar Tree items, be sure to watch the video below!

Over the next few week I will be uploading videos organizing rooms in my HOME just in time for SPRING. In this SPRING FEVER SERIES I hope we can motivate each other to get a head start cleaning and organizing our homes before spring hits and so many fun activities take you away from home.

I will also be posting photos, tips and products that I am using to help me reach my goal over on the MY BASHFUL LIFE FACEBOOK page. To follow along, click this LINK to my FACEBOOK and join the fun. I would love for all of you to post photos of your projects and any tips you have to organize the spaces in your HOME

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Winter Home Tour

Today I am sharing my 2020 Winter Home Decor! I always try to decorate for the winter season, especially after the holidays, I think my house looks a little sad! This year, I wanted to balance out some winter neutral decor of pine cones, grays and cream with some fun valentine decorations!

Decorating the front hall sets the stage for the rest of the house. This year I wanted to be sure to use decor that would carry us through the entire winter season but still have a touch of celebration for Valentine's Day.

Tiered trays are just my favorite thing these days. I love how you can contain decor in a defined area with it being out of the way and stylish at the same time. The tray above I found at Marshall's and I have filled it with some LOVE themed Rae Dunn and a sweet photo of me and my honey on our wedding day!

In the kitchen is where you will find more traditional Valentine's Day decorations! We spend most of our time in this part of the house so it is fun to see see sweet red hearts everywhere!

I put together another tiered tray for the center island, this one with a baking theme!  I found the most adorable string of heart lights at the Dollar Tree, they were the perfect addition to the trays set around the kitchen!  

I share even more Winter Decor ideas in the video below!  


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Vlog: Holiday Plan, CrockPot Meal, Rae Dunn Haul!

Today I am sharing probably the best CROCK POT recipe I have ever share, I have a RAE DUNN and GROCERY HAUL and we will begin our planning for the HOLIDAYS!  There is always so much to do to prepare for the holidays that making lists and creating a plan can ease a lot of the anxiety associated with the holiday season.  I use my planner to create list and a game plan to not feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done and to help get my home ready to be decorated for Christmas!  

Every year on November 1st I begin a list of all those things I want to get done before the holidays set in.  I take out my planner and start a wish list all of the home projects and housekeeping chores that I need to get done before I can decorate for Christmas and before I can welcome in my first guest.  By creating this list, it helps calm all those little anxieties that begin to build this time of year.  Getting it all out of my head and down on paper is the first step to plan for completion (or attempted completion!)  I have the same hope every year; hit the ground running on November 1st and get a huge jump on the holidays!  Some years I have better luck then others but the joy is in the attempt!

I keep this list in my PLANNER and work diligently to get as much done as I can.  This year we have painting the kitchen and family room on the list along with making curtains and reupholstering dining room chairs.  A pretty ambitious list!  We will see how much I actually accomplish!  Whatever is completed will leave me in a better place than I started!
Find my Holiday List HERE.

I am also sharing an awesome crock pot recipe that is good enough to serve for a holiday meal!  Crock Pot Apple Butter Pork is probably the best Crock Pot meal that I have ever shared on my channel!  If you are looking for something simple and delicious this is the recipe for you!  

Crock Pot Apple Butter Pork Roast

3lb pork loin
20oz jar apple butter
half cup of apple sauce
one chopped onion
3-4 minced garlic
1 cup water
garlic powder
Mrs Dash
1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp olive oil
Season pork roast well with salt pepper, garlic powder and Mrs. Dash.  Brown in a pan with  butter and olive oil, 3-4 minutes on each side.  Place in the bottom of your crock pot and cover with chopped onions and garlic.  Combine apple butter, apple sauce and  water and pour over top.  Cover and cook on high for 2 hours on high and then reduce heat to low and cook for an additional 2 hours.  Check with a meat thermometer before serving.

Roasted Potatoes
Chop 3-4 sweet potatoes and 3-4 red potatoes and place in a 9x13 dish.  add one small chopped onion 3-4 cloves of garlic crushed, fresh rosemary salt and pepper.  Cover with olive oil and toss until all the potatoes are coated.  Cover with foil and bake in oven for 35-40 minutes at 425.

Starting the stock the pantry with staples for the winter and upcoming holiday season!

New Rae Dunn pieces for the collection!  For all the details watch the video below!  


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Fall Playlist

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share with you all a Full Fall Playlist of all the Fall inspired videos that have been posted to the My Bashful Life YouTube channel this Fall season!  I have been so very behind in posting them here on the blog and there is really some fun videos that I don't want you to miss out on!  I will continue to add to this list over the next month with new videos every week!  Thank you all so much for visiting and I hope you tune to My Bashful Life on YouTube.  We have a great community there full of awesome friends!  
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