Decorate and Clean With ME

I have been on a quest to lighten and simplify our home and our foyer is the first room that you see upon entering our home. I have always loved the chalk painted cabinet in this space and I wanted to make some changes in the foyer to highlight this piece.
The first thing on my list was to change the skirt on the small table below the mirror. You would not believe that this table originally lived its life as a fish stand for our fish tank years ago! A little bit of paint and some fabric can do amazing things!

To see this sewing free tutorial be sure to watch the video below.


With a few more simple changes, our foyer has become a bright welcoming space to come home to and to welcome family and friends!

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Vintage Field Trip and Room Sneak Peek

So today I thought we would spend the day together!  Head out on a field trip to my favorite vintage spot, sharing a spring OOTD

 and having a sneak peek at our family room rehaul! 

 Today is Friday April 6 and is the first day of my birthday week!  The fun started early this morning as the carpet guys can to install our new family room carpet, after school we head to Lucketts Va and visit my favorite vintage antique spot where I always find great inspiration for decorating and maybe even a new piece here and there to add to my collection at home.  

I am so happy to share the big project we have been working on; chalk painting our china cabinet in the family room!  

I always seem to making something in these vlogs, no food today but I do share an easy DIY on how to make a sweet lambs ear wreath.

It always makes me happy when I can create something that I have a picture of in my head.  In this case, I wanted a lambs ear wreath for my kitchen and all the ones I saw on line that I liked were too expensive for my budget.  I love the way my wreath turned out and it looks so perfect on the old window frame above the little cabinet in the kitchen.

Click the video below for all the wonderful details!

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DIY Homemade Cleaners

 Today is all about the 4 products that you probably already have in your house right now that can clean your home from top to bottom!  

By popular request I am sharing the DIY cleaners that I use to clean my home.  I do use store bought cleaners for really big jobs or cleaning jobs that need a little more muscle, but these are the DIY cleaners that I use daily and weekly to clean my home.

What you will need is some baking soda, which is a non toxic mild alkali that actually makes dirt and grease dissolve.  White vinegar which is acidic and can dissolve soap scum and hard water buildup.  Rubbing Alcohol which is a natural disinfectant and Dawn dish washing liquid which is a very gentle cleaner but is tough enough to cut grease.

I have created 2 free printable with 12 DIY Homemade Cleaner recipes.  You can download your copies HERE and even more DIY Homemade Cleaner recipes HERE.  You may find variations of these cleaning recipes on line.  The ones that I have included here are the ones that work best for me.

To see the cleaning tools I use an more information about the DIY Cleaning Recipes watch the video below!


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Clean With Me / Spring Cleaning

We have entered the Spring Cleaning season and in today's Clean With Me we are spring cleaning the living room!  To me Spring Cleaning means doing all of those tasks that I do not do when I do my weekly cleaning.  I like to start cleaning from the top of the room and work my way down.  Check out the video below to come along and Spring Clean With Me!

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Easy Meal Planning / April Meal Calendar / Recipe

We all want meal planning to be easy, today I share some easy meal planning tips, the April meal Calendar and a great recipe to get everything kicked off!

Download the April Meal Planning Calendar: HERE Meal planning can be a frustrating process but I have found that my household runs much smoother when everyone is well feed and mom is happy! One of the things that makes me happy during my day is knowing what I am making for dinner and that my ridge is full of everything I will need to put the meal put together and get it on the table. Below is a link to my April Meal Planning calendar and a link to the blank calendar that you can use to plan your own month of meals.

Download the Blank Meal Planning Calendar: HERE
Our recipe today is meatloaf with red skinned mashed potatoes and Italian green beans! All the information you will need for this recipe can be found below! Thank you so much for watching today and please SUBSCRIBE. If you like organizing home and family, decorating, cooking and DIY videos this is the place for you!
***************************************************************** April Meal Planning Calendar: HERE Blank Meal Planning Calendar: HERE *****************************************************************
2 pkgs of meat loaf mix half of a green pepper chopped 1 small carrot chopped 1 quarter of onion chopped 2 cloves garlic 1 egg 1 1/2 cups of fresh bread crumbs 1 tablespoon parsley s/p tsp Mrs Dash 1/2 tsp basil 1/4 cup Romano cheese few dashes of Worcestershire sauce Big squirt of ketchup ;) In a large bowl mix by hand all of the ingredients until well combined. Separate into two equal loafs placed in a sprayed 9x13 pan and bake in a 375 degree oven for 1 1/2 hours.

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