We are playing a little Fall catch up today!  I am sharing some of my favorite posts over the last few weeks that never did make it here on the blog! I hope you enjoy!

Fall has arrived here in NOVA and I am so excited to share with all  of you my 2019 Fall Home Tour!  Truth be told, I am so grateful for Fall!  I think Autumn is our gift for enduring the heat of summer!  No other season makes me so happy to decorate the house and pull out scarves and boots!  You can keep you Pumpkin Latte and give me Spiced Apple Cider every time!  

Pumpkin is one of those colors that always brightens up a room was the perfect color to bring just the right amount of Fall into our family room.  The pillow, throw and pumpkin garland on the fireplace were all found at Home Goods!

I have been going for a simplified approach to my decorating this season.  I have a tendency to go a little over board, especially in the Fall.  This single painted Dollar Tree pumpkins is perfect atop of the vintage typewriter on the side table.

For even more fall decor be sure to check out the video below! 


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