Spring Tour / What I Did With My Haul

I have been dealing with a serious case of spring fever!  Today I am sharing some of the ways I have brought spring into my home.  Last week or so I shared a haul of some spring decor items that I found at Kirkland's and Hobby Lobby.  In the video below I share what I did with all those things I bought, how I arranged them and where I put them.  I usually buy decor items with a specific intention in mind, it's fun to see where things actually end up when all is said and done!  

I also share this beautiful addition to my living room.  This is my grandma's 1910 Minnesota A sewing machine.  I received it some years ago and have been keeping it in my basement thinking about what I wanted to do with it.  I had thought about painting it but I can't bring myself to touch it!  My very first memories of my grandma are of her sitting sewing at this machine, I have loved it ever since.  My parents had saved it for me when my grandma passed away and now it is here with me.  We believe it was originally owned by my great grandmother and passed on to my grandma.  Inside the drawers are notes and old zippers and spools used by my grandma over 40 years ago.  These things are truly treasures to me.

If any of you have an old sewing machine like mine, please leave me a comment down below and let me know what you have done with it, where you have it in your home and how you preserve it.  Thank you so much for taking some time to visit with me today.  To subscribe to my YouTube channel go HERE.

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