Simple Linen Closet Organization

In this declutter and organizing video we are tackling the linen closet!  This is on of the spots in my home that is a continuing struggle to keep neat because it holds way more then just linens!

For organizing in this closet, I have utilized some colorful bins from the dollar tree and some white bins form Target.  Although I like the idea of separating all of our products, the Dollar Tree baskets are way too small and become over stuffed too easily. 

 The white bins are really a great size and I like the white color in a linen closet because it just makes everything clean an bright!  

I am very happy with the way this project turned out and I think by reducing what we have and donating what we no longer need has been the key to creating a space that functions easily and suits the needs of our family.

For more details on this project, check out the video below!


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