5 Day Meal Plan Grocery Haul & Recipes

I have been thinking of all the ways we can create a less stressful home for ourselves.  With children that time of day when everyone is home from school, hungry with little time to to eat and get back out the door to after school activities.  This time of day was always the most stressful for me especially when I had not planned what to feed everyone for dinner.  I soon learned that the only sure way to make these after school bewitching hours easier was to plan, and by plan I mean meal plan.  Taking a few minutes at the start of each week and create a meal plan and grocery list saves me time and energy everyday.

Today I am sharing with you a 5 day dinner plan to help ease your family into their evening, well fed and less stressed.  Each week I plan 5 weeknight meals keeping one night free for leftovers and one night free for dinner out.  

I've included a grocery list for you to bring to the store to make everything on our meal plan.  And most importantly the recipes are included to easy make everything on our meal plan.

To get our meal planning week kicked off I share the step by step recipe for my favorite vegetable soup and cheesy bread, one of the meal options for the week.

All the detail can be found in the video below:


Click HERE To download your own free Meal Plan & Grocery List Printable.  The recipes for the meal options in the 5 Day Meal plan can be downloaded HERE

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