Preschool Prep: 10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Preeschool

As a preschool teacher I know that the first day of preschool can be difficult for both parents and child.  This is such an exciting time for both of you.  Your child is taking a huge first step in their education and you are taking that first big step in letting go.  I assure you, there will be tears on BOTH sides of the classroom door! With some preparation the transition from home to preschool can be fun and easy for both of you!

   1.  Stay Calm -  This may be the most important step of all. Even if you are a bit sad or nervous  always speak positively about your child's pending preschool days.  Children can easily pick up on their parent's emotions, if you are excited about preschool, your child will be excited about preschool.
   2.  Read -  Pick up some children's books about preschool and begin reading them to your child as soon as possible.  This can help your child become familiar with a classroom routine.
   3.  Visit -  As soon as you select the preschool your child will attend be sure to arrange a visit for you and your child.  It will be fun to see the classroom they will be in and they will soon be able to see it as "their" school.  Be sure to attend your preschool's open house and "Meet the Teacher" days.
   4.  Play -  Every preschool has a playground, make several trips to school just to play on the playground.  Even a child who is upset on the first day of school often will calm down quickly on the playground, especially if it is familiar.  
   5.  Make it Special - Make your first "Back to School" shopping trip extra special.  Let your preschooler pick out their first school backpack.  Help them fill it with a few things they will need to bring to school.  Tissues, baby wipes, zip top bags etc.  "Back to School" shopping is one of my favorite days spent with my kids every year.  
   6.  Routine - Get  into the school routine at least a week ahead of the first day of school.  Early bedtimes make early mornings easier.  Don't forget to adjust nap schedules.
   7.  Pick a Buddy -  Let your child pick a stuffed friend to tuck in their backpack to comfort them during the school day should they get upset.  I had a student last year who would bring a super hero cape to school everyday.  If he got upset, he would put his super hero cape on and he would be happy again in not time!
   8.  Practice - Review self help skills with your preschooler.  Using a tissue, washing hands, putting and taking off their coat, zipping zippers and potty routines.
   9.  Label - Label all of your child's belongings coats, hats and backpack, with their name. Preschoolers can easily become confused as to what coat is theirs and exactly which Frozen backpack belongs to them.
10.  Enjoy -   Make their first day of school FUN!  Even if there are tears, this is a day to celebrate!  Over the first few weeks of school there will be good days and some not so good days, but remember establishing a positive experience in preschool sets your child on a path of success for years to come.  Take pictures, bring tissues and be proud! 

Are you ready for the school year to begin?

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  2. Great tips! My oldest is getting ready for kindergarten, and I'm hoping to get my twins into a preschool program soon. These will really help prepare us all. Thank you!

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  3. Nice tips Micky! This transition from home to preschool can be really stressful for some kids as well for parents... This will be great help indeed:) enjoy the weekend!

    Mann Ronnie

  4. Thank you for sharing the great advice! As a Mother with a fresh child going into preschool for the first time it can be nerve wrecking and not knowing which direction to start! I remember being there before. :) Since it is that time of year I wanted to share your post on this weeks TGIF Blog & Instagram's FEATURE.