Total Target

It's no secret that my love for Target runs deep.  "Target Tuesday"  has been part of my weekly schedule for the last few years.  One of my favorite days of the week starts with a Chi tea latte from the in Target Starbucks.  I grab a big red cart and head over to the best aisle in the whole store...the Dollar Spot.  I can always find something for my classroom or a few sweet sticky notes for my planner.  From here I head over to the make-up department, there have been days when I can spend at least an hour here.  I usually leave with a new nail polish or a lipstick.  By this time I'll pull out my list and get down to business.  On this particular Target Tuesday I have a plan.  Easter is just days away and I have a challenge.  Now every year I fill about 8 Easter baskets for my kids and a few kids I claim as my own.  And I make dinner for at least 10-12 people.  So my challenge is,  can fill all those baskets and feed all those people with what I can buy at Target?  What do you think?  Is it possible?

I immediately head over to the Target's massive holiday candy department.  I load up on peeps, chocolate bunnies, Reese's peanut eggs, Cadbury eggs and M&Ms.  Easy peasy, I find everything I need.  I like to add a few little gifts too, books, shirts note pads, bubbles, you know the kind of things that make the littles smile on Easter morning.

Now each year I cook pretty much the same meal.  The kids love the tradition of it and everyone know what to expect.  There is the Easter ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, pineapple bake, baked ziti, deviled eggs and rolls.  For dessert there is banana pudding, strawberry cake and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.   I know that's seems like a lot of food but I like to send care packages home with the college boys.  Finding all the ingredients for this collection of meals proved to be a bit more challenging.  I found the strawberries, potatoes, rolls, pineapple and even the holiday ham.  But I had to visit our local Giant for the asparagus, Ricotta cheese, and french vanilla pudding mix for the banana pudding.

So my Target Challenge didn't exactly come out perfectly, but I have to say I was happy with the results.  And even better I have everything I need to make this Easter one of the best!

Happy Holiday Cooking!

xoxo Mickey


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    1. Thanks Veronica! Hope you will stop by again soon!